Monday, April 4, 2011

Scrap N Chat Retreat, Redberry

Wow! I just got home from my first ever ScrapBook Retreat (SBR)! And what a treat it was!

The people, the food, the accommodations were just AWESOME! I cannot even tell you in words how excited I am to go to the next one! Thank you to the lady who put it all together! You did a wonderful job! Thanks also to all the vendors who attended! Lots of product for purchase! Also, a huge thanks to the store owner of Country Moose in Laird, Sk. Can't wait for a visit to your store this summer! AND to the 2 WONDERFUL cooks who were there this past weekend! Definitely looking forward to the food in the fall.

The retreat was held from April 1-3rd, and we were scrapping and chatting ALL weekend long! I made some great new friends, learned a bunch of amazing new techniques, and had some neat adventures throughout the weekend!

I went with 2 gals from PA. The first night we were there, we managed to lock ourselves out of our cabin at 12:30 a.m. It was hilarious! All we were doing was brushing our teeth on our deck of the cabin, but one of the girls needed to lock the door on the inside when we first went into our cabins (just in case of robbers;) but when we went out it stayed after bobbypins and scrapbooking tools to try to get in, we eventually took the screen off the window and I climbed through:)

Things to remember for next time: Rubber boots, slippers, seat cushion or a comfy chair:)

All in all, first experience at a S.B.R was very cool. I managed to get 6 pages and one of my cardboard journals done...(I might post some pics later...when I find out how:) which is more then I have done in the past 3 years! Can't wait for the next one!

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  1. That's great Sara! Aren't the retreats such a great way to connect with other women who love the craft? Glad you got lots done - that's always a good feeling. I am taking an online workshop right now, which I start tonight! Feel free to check out my blog sometime :)