Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend of Parties!

WHEW! That was a busy weekend! I decided this year that my daughter's birthday parties would be held back to back...{previous post: They share a birthday - 8 years apart!} 


Party # 1: Saturday!

Best wrapped gift! 
Raina's bff wrapped her gift in magazine pages
 and halloween danger tape! 
Love it! OOh AND a paper magazine flower too! 

Rice Krispie Cake with edible rice paper and Candy Melts! "Happy Birthday" top bought at  Created by Us on Etsy!

The Cake did not crumble!
Wasn't as messy as I thought it was going to be!
Pre- Cake Smash!

Birthday Bumps!

Rhonda did a fabulous job on the kid's face painting! 

Showing off her new boots!
Pinata! Broke off from the tree,
so Chris ended up THROWING it in the air....

...the kids attacked it!

She had a blast! Afterwards, we went inside and turned on Dance Central {kept most of them occupied until dark, then they played cops and robbers until 8pm pick up time!}

Party #2: Sunday!

I had so much fun making this Burlap Banner! I used acrylic paint and cricut made stencils for the lettering & I added coffee filter flowers to the ends! It was so much fun to make!

She loves her baby dolls!

Cake wrappers were from Winners, Zebra "paper" was from Michaels!
 They were super yummy!

She "explored" her cake for half  an hour,
even then she just picked at it! She did not want to get her hands dirty!

She had so much fun, & loved opening gifts! What a girlie girl! So, done birthdays for another year! Next up...Scrapbook retreats, ThanksGiving, Halloween & Christmas!!!

~happy crafting!~

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Beauties!


I woke up this morning, and asked myself, am I really "old" enough to have a 10 year old? {well of course I am!} 

Raina Joy Louise was born at 6:36a.m. on a Friday; weighing in at 8lbs 14oz. I was put on bedrest the day before because my blood pressure was a bit high. (due date was the 16th) I was 17 & living with my parents...I knew I was safe! I went into labor at  1a.m. and 5.5 hours later my little bundle was here! {I'm sad to say, I don't remember all the details 100%, I just know that you arrived safe and as perfect as a baby could be!} I love you baby girl!

My sweet 10 year old! Double Digits!!! Her Birthday "hat" from dad! He can be crafty too! Made from an instant oatmeal box!

Cadee Emily Grace was born at 9:01a.m. on a Tuesday; weighing in at 8lbs 4oz. We lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. So, I believe my pregnancy would have been a whole lot worse than it was, if I didn't have the stairs as my exercise! Being my 4th, I felt so worn down & sick pretty much everyday...{I didn't really get sick with the others} When I was 8 months, we were in the middle of trying to buy a house. YIKES! My due date again was September 16th, and on Monday, the 13th I was feeling pretty ill with slight contractions. By 4pm, I was worried because I couldn't feel her moving around anymore. So my mom took me in, and sure enough I was 3 cm dilated. The doc's still heard a steady heart beat. I told Chris not to come until he was done work at 7. I was told that the more kids you have the shorter and easier the labor. NOPE! Not for me! This little munchkin put me thru 23.5 hours of back labor! WHA???? I pushed for about 45 minutes until she was FINALLY here! When she arrived she had the cord wrapped around her neck, and further testing was done on her kidneys, and she had jaundice! We were in the hospital for 6 days, and all the tests came back negative! Praise the Lord! I love you little one!

I usually send a treat with the kids to school, so this is what I made Raina to take to her class...


So this weekend, Raina's party is tomorrow. She is having a Hawaiian Dance Party. And Cadee is having her party on Sunday. Pizza & a BBQ are on the menu this weekend! Praying for some great weather! Stay tuned for pics next week!

~happy crafting!~

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Wreath

This morning was a frustrating one. I woke up with the best intentions of taking the kiddos to church. Chris works all weekend, so it's been a chaotic weekend. Yesterday I took them to the park for a couple hours, until, believe it or not, the big kids started whining & fighting:( Boo! 

Anyways...back to this were yelling, fighting{physically hitting each other}. I told them, "in order for us to leave this house, the living room needs a quick clean!" It took 1.5 hours to get them moving and all it got was a "tidy" before heading out the door in a huff of emotions & some tears. *sigh*

Fast forward 20 minutes into the worship service--> I am packing up the littles because they will not sit still for worship or the toddler room. I asked mom and dad if I could leave the 2 big ones there...they said yes!

Get home, have lunch, tidy some more, littles play, Miss C goes for a nap, & I create! Nice quiet time afternoon! Here is what I made...

Welcome....Come on in!

Time for Tea!

This Welcome Wreath was created using the following supplies:

Pool Noodle {Dollarama}
Odds N Ends that inspire
Glue Gun

My inspiration for this project came from Fox Hollow Cottage! Amazing work! Head on over and tell them I sent you!

Creating things makes me happy! {boy! Did that make me sound cr@zy?!?!} But seriously, making projects is my "outlet" I love it! So even though the day started out hectic, here's to another day!

~happy crafting!~

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!"

Ok, so not THEE most wonderful time of the year, but I have to say that as much as I love my rugrats adorable kiddos I am glad to see them back to school & routine!

Raina started grade 5 today! Khymara started grade 2! Adam has a Pre-K Interview on Thursday, to "assess" his need for school. He is a little upset that he is not going to be taking the bus with his sisters, or the fact that he doesn't get to take a lunch! The girls go to one school and he goes to another - due to there being no pre-k in the other school! (Next year my son! Don't grow up too fast!)

Khymara First Day of Grade 2
So proud!

Raina J First Day of Grade 5
Acting all cool!
 She did not want me taking her photo!

Trying out a new place to store lunch kits! Command hooks in the back porch!
Last year the girls Khymara emptied her lunch kit and tossed it in the pantry.
Raina ~lost, forgot, didn't bother~packing her lunch in her lunch bag. She was content with brown paper bags or Walmart grocery bags. If she did remember to bring it home it usually contained something mouldy. YUCK! {*Side note* 3 weeks in to summer holidays, I came across a lunch bag of hers in her room FULL of mouldy food! EWWWWW!} So we will try this out, and see how it goes!

I am quite looking forward to my "Free" mornings with my littlest one! By the beginning of October, Adam should be going 4 days a week from 9-12! Where does time go? I love my children, I hope they do their best in the year ahead. My word each morning is "FOCUS"! My girls seem to think every thing they do is a race. Needless to say, things get missed. Whether it's chores or school work, half complete jobs are usually the result.

Happy back-to-school to all the moms {& dads} out there!