Monday, August 24, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 7 | My Sunday

I've made it to the end of this new found love! Thank you so much Ali Edwards for putting this together! I've enjoyed making new friends and falling in love with my DSLR all over again! I have loved documenting my life this way....real life!

Here is my Sunday!

Getting ready for our big anniversary date. Ok so the whole day was a date!
12 years! From morning to night it was spend together! Travelling, eating, was wonderful!

My little ham! He's so happy when he can sit and view the world around him!

I feel so good today! It helps that I like to dress
up and feel pretty! 

My hubby surprised me with a BBQ for our anniversary!
(Disclosure: I did ask for one! I wanted one for our camper at the campsite!)

Stopped in Kamsack, SK for a few photos
at this beautiful brick wall! And of course
a few smooches!

This was a fun time getting up this hill!
It was a hike through thistles and weeds!
I even saw a few wild roses!

Lunch! We stopped in at Good Spirit Lake
Golf Course restaurant! It was delish!

I found this Point of Interest last year, and thought I'd revisit it
this time around!

I love this man! 

Wrapped up our anniversary with supper at Mr. Mikes.
I indulged in this fab drink called the Pink Lady!

It has been a very good week. And I am so happy that I stumbled across the amazing group on Facebook. So happy with my photos! I sent mine off to the printers this morning and even snagged a 50% coupon code from! BONUS! Once again thank you Ali Edwards for putting this together. So appreciate it! 

When my album is all put together I will write about it! Thanks for reading!
~happy crafting!~

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 6 | My Saturday

I love Saturdays! Even more so than Fridays! 

So much beautiful potential on Saturdays! It was a good one to document! 

Here is my Saturday!

Um, fishbowls did some
damage! But hey,
my hair still looks good
after sleeping on it!
*insert eye roll here*

All of the above!
Great morning out with my friend!
After a long couple weeks of teething pain,
he is happy and playing AND SITTING!! (6 months)
Fresh garden veggies for breakfast!
(by this time it was brunch!)

Khy's new bookshelf
in her new room!
Maybe I'll post some
renos in  a future post!
So happy that her
papa built this for her!
They even painted it together!
What a special moment for her!

My Khy Khy is home!
She spent 2 weeks
with Gran & Papa! 

This guy got a jolly jumper!

My metal cookie cutter
display is complete!
Mom picked me up
the little gingerbread guy!
I love it! They are hanging
on cup hooks in my kitchen!

KFC for the family...
I had a chicken breast and salad.
Can't handle the grease!!  

And a trip to Canadian Tire
with this little man!
His first cart ride
without his carseat! He loved it! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 5 | My Friday


It's a TGIF day! I'm thinking I will need to purchase a bigger PL binder for this Week in the Life! I have loved seeing all the little matter how boring or small they might seem. Yesterday my in-laws came to visit us. They have been helping with basement renos. (note to self* snap pic of that today!) 

Here it is...My Friday!

I love my breakfast!

I actually like washing dishes.
I find it calming.
The family was still sleeping
so I had a few minutes of quiet.

I'm not even sure why I do my nails.
I mean, I like pretty things,
but this took two hours just
to be scuffed up again by housework!

This is a huge
7 months of trying
to find a comfortable
way of wearing baby,
and I finally did it!

My work in progress craftroom.
Another quiet area today.
I usually have one or more kiddos
in here with me crafting at my side!

The laundry is also in my craftroom.
I took my coffee and snack down
here for a few moments
while the baby napped.

Weston peeking over his playpen.
He has found that he likes
the whole sitting up deal!

Rhubarb Crisp! Yumm!
I really do love baking.
My problem is, I also like food!

My beautiful friend Mrs. H
came over for a visit and
helped the kiddos build forts!

This is Cadee
in her tent fort!
And her little bro
grabbed her hair
as I snapped the pic!

Granny and Papa are here! 

Mama and baby!
Just hanging out
in the late afternoon!
This is the rocking
chair that I feel
I spend a great part
of my life in....
atleast for a season...

Daddy and Baby Selfie!
I'm so blessed to have
this man in my life!

Winding down the weekend
with Appies and Fishbowls
at Boston Pizza!

We're goofs and we know! :D

This. Is. Love.
He rubs my
feet, back, neck,
whatever I need
probably 300 days
out of the year! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 4 | My Thursday

Good Morning! 

I have two posts up today! Doesn't happen very often, but sometimes that's the way "the cookie crumbles!"

Anywho. My Thursday was pretty mellow. Payday. So it reflected our grocery trip! That's always exciting! ;)

Here it is...My Thursday.

This kid loves his blankie! He got it at 3 weeks old! 
Craft time! AJ brought out his craft stuff from his birthday!
While the kids craft, I fight with the computer! haha UPDATES!


We took a trip to our local health food store!
They got to watch how peanut butter is made!

This is how Cadee shops!

Who doesn't love FREE cookies from Superstore, right?!

So gross! I'm afraid to say that my fridge hasn't been cleaned out (properly)
my youngest was born! (FEBRUARY!) Yuck!

peanut butter. that is all.

Loved being able to hang out with this beauty last night! We are on a search
for some awesome photoshoot locations for an upcoming shoot! 

Litte bit of bible journaling before bed....James 1:2 -->CHOOSE JOY

And can't forget this shot! I thought I'd do it at a different time yesterday!
Love the night shot out my front door!