Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 5 | My Friday


It's a TGIF day! I'm thinking I will need to purchase a bigger PL binder for this Week in the Life! I have loved seeing all the little matter how boring or small they might seem. Yesterday my in-laws came to visit us. They have been helping with basement renos. (note to self* snap pic of that today!) 

Here it is...My Friday!

I love my breakfast!

I actually like washing dishes.
I find it calming.
The family was still sleeping
so I had a few minutes of quiet.

I'm not even sure why I do my nails.
I mean, I like pretty things,
but this took two hours just
to be scuffed up again by housework!

This is a huge
7 months of trying
to find a comfortable
way of wearing baby,
and I finally did it!

My work in progress craftroom.
Another quiet area today.
I usually have one or more kiddos
in here with me crafting at my side!

The laundry is also in my craftroom.
I took my coffee and snack down
here for a few moments
while the baby napped.

Weston peeking over his playpen.
He has found that he likes
the whole sitting up deal!

Rhubarb Crisp! Yumm!
I really do love baking.
My problem is, I also like food!

My beautiful friend Mrs. H
came over for a visit and
helped the kiddos build forts!

This is Cadee
in her tent fort!
And her little bro
grabbed her hair
as I snapped the pic!

Granny and Papa are here! 

Mama and baby!
Just hanging out
in the late afternoon!
This is the rocking
chair that I feel
I spend a great part
of my life in....
atleast for a season...

Daddy and Baby Selfie!
I'm so blessed to have
this man in my life!

Winding down the weekend
with Appies and Fishbowls
at Boston Pizza!

We're goofs and we know! :D

This. Is. Love.
He rubs my
feet, back, neck,
whatever I need
probably 300 days
out of the year! 

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