Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 3 | My Wednesday

My blog is gonna think I've gone nuts, blogging as much as I have this week! 

Yesterday was an off day. I woke up feeling heavy hearted and the urge to pray. For peace, for healing, for comfort, for whatever was going on. I didn't necessarily feel this way about myself but for someone out there. Somewhere. Later in the day, part of what I was feeling was revealed to me. I broke down and asked God why He has given me a sensitive heart and a spirit that is sensitive to others and their emotions if I can't help them or change anything. I had a migraine for most of the day yesterday and prayed through that and the pain and discomfort of it. I chose to do a b&w photo day today to represent my feelings...except for the opening which is full color.

My kiddos had a playdate with 2 sweet boys yesterday, so that was nice for mine to have someone to interact with! Thinking of you Crystal!! is my Day 3 -->WEDNESDAY
 I'll see you back here tomorrow!

Comfy blankets, praying, not really wanting to get outta bed.

Last days of summer!

Baby giggling like a madman
because mama had some crazy hiccups!! Lunch time! I did feed the baby! He wanted what I was having!

Quiet time before supper!

Little bit of Social Media while supper cooks!

Family meal - missing two kids this week. The table is feeling bare.

Hot shower before bed. Something about
hot water washing away the days stress.
(and boy do I need to wax those brows!)

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