Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 4 | My Thursday

Good Morning! 

I have two posts up today! Doesn't happen very often, but sometimes that's the way "the cookie crumbles!"

Anywho. My Thursday was pretty mellow. Payday. So it reflected our grocery trip! That's always exciting! ;)

Here it is...My Thursday.

This kid loves his blankie! He got it at 3 weeks old! 
Craft time! AJ brought out his craft stuff from his birthday!
While the kids craft, I fight with the computer! haha UPDATES!


We took a trip to our local health food store!
They got to watch how peanut butter is made!

This is how Cadee shops!

Who doesn't love FREE cookies from Superstore, right?!

So gross! I'm afraid to say that my fridge hasn't been cleaned out (properly)
my youngest was born! (FEBRUARY!) Yuck!

peanut butter. that is all.

Loved being able to hang out with this beauty last night! We are on a search
for some awesome photoshoot locations for an upcoming shoot! 

Litte bit of bible journaling before bed....James 1:2 -->CHOOSE JOY

And can't forget this shot! I thought I'd do it at a different time yesterday!
Love the night shot out my front door! 

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