Monday, August 24, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 7 | My Sunday

I've made it to the end of this new found love! Thank you so much Ali Edwards for putting this together! I've enjoyed making new friends and falling in love with my DSLR all over again! I have loved documenting my life this way....real life!

Here is my Sunday!

Getting ready for our big anniversary date. Ok so the whole day was a date!
12 years! From morning to night it was spend together! Travelling, eating, was wonderful!

My little ham! He's so happy when he can sit and view the world around him!

I feel so good today! It helps that I like to dress
up and feel pretty! 

My hubby surprised me with a BBQ for our anniversary!
(Disclosure: I did ask for one! I wanted one for our camper at the campsite!)

Stopped in Kamsack, SK for a few photos
at this beautiful brick wall! And of course
a few smooches!

This was a fun time getting up this hill!
It was a hike through thistles and weeds!
I even saw a few wild roses!

Lunch! We stopped in at Good Spirit Lake
Golf Course restaurant! It was delish!

I found this Point of Interest last year, and thought I'd revisit it
this time around!

I love this man! 

Wrapped up our anniversary with supper at Mr. Mikes.
I indulged in this fab drink called the Pink Lady!

It has been a very good week. And I am so happy that I stumbled across the amazing group on Facebook. So happy with my photos! I sent mine off to the printers this morning and even snagged a 50% coupon code from! BONUS! Once again thank you Ali Edwards for putting this together. So appreciate it! 

When my album is all put together I will write about it! Thanks for reading!
~happy crafting!~

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