Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 6 | My Saturday

I love Saturdays! Even more so than Fridays! 

So much beautiful potential on Saturdays! It was a good one to document! 

Here is my Saturday!

Um, fishbowls did some
damage! But hey,
my hair still looks good
after sleeping on it!
*insert eye roll here*

All of the above!
Great morning out with my friend!
After a long couple weeks of teething pain,
he is happy and playing AND SITTING!! (6 months)
Fresh garden veggies for breakfast!
(by this time it was brunch!)

Khy's new bookshelf
in her new room!
Maybe I'll post some
renos in  a future post!
So happy that her
papa built this for her!
They even painted it together!
What a special moment for her!

My Khy Khy is home!
She spent 2 weeks
with Gran & Papa! 

This guy got a jolly jumper!

My metal cookie cutter
display is complete!
Mom picked me up
the little gingerbread guy!
I love it! They are hanging
on cup hooks in my kitchen!

KFC for the family...
I had a chicken breast and salad.
Can't handle the grease!!  

And a trip to Canadian Tire
with this little man!
His first cart ride
without his carseat! He loved it! 

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