Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Technical Difficulties!

If your scoping out the blog tonight, be patient. I am attempting to put a new Title on! :) Still playing around with all the settings!

Have a great night!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Shower!

Good Evening all!

I had a wonderful afternoon hosting my sweet little nephew's baby shower today! I just love that little guy to bits! I made Rainbow Vanilla Cupcakes, Transportation Shaped egg salad sandwhiches, as well has ham and cheese, and a punch made with Kool-aid and White Grape juice! ~Yummo~ And there was fruit and veggies and squares!!! Oh the food! (I like food! :D)

WARNING: An over abundance of photos ahead!

Rainbow Vanilla Cupcakes

Transportation Finger Food!
Hudson's Banner~I reinforced this with a cut up Quaker Oatmeal Box. Any old cardboard will do the trick!

On a mini-side note (footnote?) Today would have been my Grandma Chickie's 78th Birthday. So Happy Birthday Grandma Chickie! We will celebrate with you in Heaven one day!

Thank you everyone who made this day all come together! Thank you to all the guests who attended! And thank you to my beautiful sister and brother in-law for having such a beautiful baby boy! Love you guys!

~happy creating!~ (I like happy crafting, I've just been thinking of changing it up...:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Immunizations & Art!

Today was my 18 month old's (where did the time go??) immunizations. *sigh* I truly believe that this point in a child's life is harder on the mama then it is on the child being immunized. I could be wrong, this is just how I feel. As we were waiting, I had to keep reminding myself to stay calm, and prayed for peace (for me and Cadee!) Before I knew it, it was over & Cadee was napping. Her 6 month needles she slept for 12 hours straight. I kept checking on her to make sure she was alright:) Not so this time...she slept for 2 hours and was perfectly fine! No fever, no whines (Thank God!)....she even ripped her bandaids off! 2 arms, 1 leg!

Anyway...I have been playing around with the idea of Mixed Media Art Journaling. Not a lot, a couple canvases that's all. But I found this really neat blog today that has really inspired me to get out of my shell and just start creating!
"...there are no mistakes in art – it’s personal, it’s subjective, it’s an expression of our inner selves – our heart, our soul, our mind, our beliefs, our values, who we are" Andrea Walford

I think or atleast I hope to take her suggestion and just go for it! Thanks Andrea!

~happy crafting!~

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exciting News!

After months of waiting, debating, and finally deciding....I have joined the Close to My Heart Team ! How cool is that? Now, I can do the paper crafting I love to do, and enjoy the discount on great products that I already use everyday! EEk! I am so thrilled to finally have made that jump. Big Shout out to Jessica over at  fresh. by jess who has been my friend for awhile, and now she is also my upline! Wahoo! Thanks Girl!

I was humming and hawing for quite awhile and then I saw that for the month of March when you sign up to be a consultant, you would also get a FREE Art Philosophy Cartridge for the Cricut. This is what made the decision for me! I have wanted this cartridge since it came into production, and I borrowed it  a couple times from Jessica. So, here I am over the moon! Cannot wait for my starter kit to come in the mail!

Check out the badge on the right to shop online or browse the catalog!

~happy crafting!~

Monday, March 19, 2012

Couple of Things...

What a fabulous weekend! My daughter and I went to a Tradeshow in Regina, SK. called What Women Want!  What a show! Loved all the vendors, tons of gorgeous clothes, shoes, jewellry, etc! Already looking forward to next year's show:)

Today has been a yucky outside day. Rainy, gloomy with some rain. But, for March, I cannot complain!

I found some cheap "silk" ribbon that I am in love with. I made these this weekend (and today!) With the Glubbers I bought in October/11.

Oh, AND Happy 22nd Birthday going out to my "little" Sister Laurel! Love you bunches! Off running now with Girl Guides and a coffee meeting! Run, Run, Run!
~happy crafting!~

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Cleaning Has Begun!

Good Afternoon! It is a gorgeous Mid-March day out there! I have all the windows open, and a cloth in all my kids hands! Ok, no child labor here, but they do like to help!
I was inspired, motivated, whatever the right word is, to get off my butt and start cleaning! I owe my thanks to this lovely lady over at Where the Grass is Greener! Head on over and see her 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge!

Starting with the closet!
So after destroying the front hall with all the "junk" in the closet, I started to pick through what I need/want/toss! It is a struggle for me to throw things out. So, for what I did get rid of, here is a pat on my back:)
2 hours later (Fed children lunch somewhere in there) I have my finished "product"!

~"Cadee's Magical Fortress Hideaway"~
She had a blast playing in it, until I closed the door! :(

So, Tada! Here is the after shot! It's actually quite stress-relieving when  I finish a project! Even if it is cleaning on this Glorious March Spring day! Thanks again to Where the Grass in Greener for getting me in the mood to clean!

~happy crafting!~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cadee's TuTu Photo Shoot

Another one of my passions is photography. Not on a professional level, but something that I am very interested in. Here is a mini-photo shoot of my youngest doll, who is 18 months young today!

 She loves her hairbrush!

By this time she was ready to be done!

Where does the time fly? Enjoy the little moments in the rush of life! Love you baby girl!

Cakes, Cakes, & Cakes

I love cakes. Anything cakes, really. Chocolate cakes, cupcakes, pancakes! I love em' all! I did up this cake for a friend of mine last Friday. I hope to one day invest in some of the fancy tools used in decorating cakes. But for now, I am content with what I have:)

I had fun with this! It is also a Rainbow cake inside! 5 layers of yummy goodness! 

I found the recipe at Glorious Treats . (The vanilla cake part, not the Rainbow idea) Instead of the cupcakes I made a cake. The icing I used was just Betty Crocker Whipped Vanilla. I added a pack of Cherry Kool-aid to turn it pink. (Instead of food coloring!)

I used bamboo skewer sticks for the banner. For the lettering, I used the Songbird Cartridge on the Cricut. And a 2" scallop punch for the bottom trim.

~happy crafting!~