Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This & That in May

Where does time fly? Okay so this month seems to have flown by, (as months usually do!) I spent pretty much the entire month prepping for a Tradeshow, planning summer birthday parties, cleaning up the cabin, and trying to find a few minutes here and there to put my feet up! 

I created a CTMH Art Philosophy Display Board for the Tradeshow. It was great to explore the ENTIRE cartridge! This cartridge is definitely the most versatile one out there! You can find it HERE

My handsome little Man!


So, the TS didn't go over too well, (sales wise), not a lot of traffic from customers, but I did sign up 3 new ladies for my card class! Wahoo! 

I have seen these lovely frames circulating Pinterest and Facebook, so I thought I would break down and create one for myself! Take a look!

Frame: Michaels~Paper:Dotty For you ~Embellishments: AP Cartridge
I got really ambitious today and made my first article of clothing! Let me just state here, that I am by no means a seamstress! I had so much fun making this little lovely! It was intended to be my sweet Cadee's summer dress; however, it ended up being WAAY too big on her. {& and apparently in the last 20 months of her life, I have not been paying attention to her choice in clothing...she hates dresses!}

There is so many sources out there to make a "Pillowcase Dress", but this is where I got my inspiration because I do not follow written instructions well...

Here is my version of the "Pillowcase Summer Dress"

This one will be for my daughter Khy. {to be worn as a shirt, with leggings} My 9 year old daughter Raina, came in the door from volleyball and immediately asked me to make her one too! I am heading to ValuVillage to hunt for some more deals on pillowcases tomorrow morning! The funkier the better! :)

So that is what has been happening this month! Here is the last thing I will leave you with...I hired a painter for my 1 Y.O room! I absolutely HATE painting! I have to give J a HUGE thank you for doing such an awesome job!

~happy crafting!~

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Friday!

Tiny milestone for this morning....

I hit 50 "LIKES" over at FB on my Abstraction~Designs page! Super thrilled and thanking everyone who has supported me this far! THANK YOU!!

That being said, my house has been in chaos mode since 7 a.m.! My children set their alarms for 7:30a.m. every morning to get ready for school. This morning the 2 older ones were up at 6a.m. They stayed in their rooms until 7 (Gee, thanks!) *sigh* Mama's tired! 

I seem to begin cleaning/organizing/moving furniture at night...just before my kiddos go to bed. Last night just after supper( 5:30p.m.) I went to my craftroom to work on some more projects. Well I didn't even start a project when I decided that it was a great time to clean up and rearrange my work area! I wanted one section to be dedicated to things that needed electricity. My sewing machine, my Cricut, and my lamp. I then decided to move both of my work surfaces side by side. I counted how many Rubbermaid storage things I had....8! What??? I'm sad to say that I don't even know what is in all of them:( 

Then my hubby walks in with a Canadian Tire flyer and shows me this really great wardrobe for our daughter's room. (She desperately needs somewhere to hang her clothes!) Anyway...beside that wardrobe was a very nice white storage cabinet for a pretty decent price! I figure if I can get one of those babies, I might be able to ditch some of the plastic storage! (Or if all else fails, at least hide some of it behind closed doors :D) 

White Storage Cabinet

This picture is incredibly tiny, but gives you an idea! 

The next hour and a half flew by while trying to decide on how to rearrange the stuff in my room! 7p.m. came and it was time to put some of the kiddos to bed. I left everything the way it was (which I had to cringe at) So, my project for today is cleaning this...

YIKES! Sending the girls off to school, tidying up kitchen/breakfast mess, entertaining my 2 littles, and dealing with my piles!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone & Happy Friday!

~happy crafting!~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Random Rant For Today}

The Robins are singing, the wind is whispering, my tea is steeping, and the sun is attempting to make an appearance! I am sitting on the deck enjoying this beautiful (chilly) weather, watching the kids play in the sand box. *SIGH* This is the my life!

I have been running a dayhome since June 2011, with 2 clients. This past year has had its up's and down's, as years usually go! I have been contemplating whether to keep sitting in the fall or just be a mom. (I've also been tossing up the idea to return to school, again...I have 3 years to go before I obtain my Social Work Degree...)It seems for the last 9 years of my married life, I have longed to be a SAHM. I am really loving this decision. After 4 children, my desire was fulfilled. I figured if I am staying at home, why not help out another mother by watching her little one? So that's where that decision took hold.

Now as the months are flying by, I am finding myself craving more time with my own children. In the fall, my son starts did that happen? For those mornings in the fall, it will be my (then) 2 year old daughter and I at home, creating lasting memories and adventures!

I am torn. I am really looking forward to the fall, but at the same time a one income family just doesn't cut it now-a-days. I am sure my hubby would love for me to find some sort of job to help make  ends meet. And this is wear I get weepy. I want to be the mom that helps out at school functions, I want to be the mom rooting at sporting events, I want to be the wife who has supper on the table when my hubby gets home (that is if my entire life was super organized!!)

I have my Tupperware and Close to My Heart business that bring in a bit of side income. So, I will continue to pray about how things will turn out. I will continue crafting & creating. And I will continue being the best mom and care provider that I know how to be...Thanks for listening to my today *RANT*!!

~happy crafting!~

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh How I've Missed Blogging!

What a crazy last month it has been! I have been out at my family's cabin alot, preparing for the summer months. As well as cleaning out my late-grandfather's treasures of his life. Bitter sweet that has been.

 So between that and year-end activities with my children I haven't taken the time to sit down and blog. Something I really enjoy, just not a lot of time to do it! Anyway, I have done some crafting & creating here and there; so I thought (to start blogging again...) I would post some of my work that I have done.

I'm not really a card making person. I have a really great friend (and CTMH upline) who is in the card making business, so I decided to leave that area of expertise! I did make a few cards up to display at the Army & Navy Tradeshow on May 24th though. Here's what I have...

I've also come to the conclusion that I REALLY love the Art Philosophy Cartridge! I was getting extremely frustrated one day while attempting to make some of the flowers off the cartridge. I was asking all my fellow CTMH sisters for advice & tips (Big Thank you!) on how to succeed in creating one! My first 11 flowers were failures! But, EUREKA! Practice, Patience, and Liquid Glass! Here's what they look like!

Once I got the hang of things, these goodies were super fun to make! Now tonight is a stay at home night! Hubby is home, supper is on the stove, I am heading to my craftroom to start some more projects that I've had my eye on for awhile! I'm hoping to get my hands messy with Mod Podge and Art Journaling! Here's to an evening of crafting & creating!

~happy crafting!~