Friday, May 11, 2012

My Friday!

Tiny milestone for this morning....

I hit 50 "LIKES" over at FB on my Abstraction~Designs page! Super thrilled and thanking everyone who has supported me this far! THANK YOU!!

That being said, my house has been in chaos mode since 7 a.m.! My children set their alarms for 7:30a.m. every morning to get ready for school. This morning the 2 older ones were up at 6a.m. They stayed in their rooms until 7 (Gee, thanks!) *sigh* Mama's tired! 

I seem to begin cleaning/organizing/moving furniture at night...just before my kiddos go to bed. Last night just after supper( 5:30p.m.) I went to my craftroom to work on some more projects. Well I didn't even start a project when I decided that it was a great time to clean up and rearrange my work area! I wanted one section to be dedicated to things that needed electricity. My sewing machine, my Cricut, and my lamp. I then decided to move both of my work surfaces side by side. I counted how many Rubbermaid storage things I had....8! What??? I'm sad to say that I don't even know what is in all of them:( 

Then my hubby walks in with a Canadian Tire flyer and shows me this really great wardrobe for our daughter's room. (She desperately needs somewhere to hang her clothes!) Anyway...beside that wardrobe was a very nice white storage cabinet for a pretty decent price! I figure if I can get one of those babies, I might be able to ditch some of the plastic storage! (Or if all else fails, at least hide some of it behind closed doors :D) 

White Storage Cabinet

This picture is incredibly tiny, but gives you an idea! 

The next hour and a half flew by while trying to decide on how to rearrange the stuff in my room! 7p.m. came and it was time to put some of the kiddos to bed. I left everything the way it was (which I had to cringe at) So, my project for today is cleaning this...

YIKES! Sending the girls off to school, tidying up kitchen/breakfast mess, entertaining my 2 littles, and dealing with my piles!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone & Happy Friday!

~happy crafting!~

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