Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Shower!

Good Evening all!

I had a wonderful afternoon hosting my sweet little nephew's baby shower today! I just love that little guy to bits! I made Rainbow Vanilla Cupcakes, Transportation Shaped egg salad sandwhiches, as well has ham and cheese, and a punch made with Kool-aid and White Grape juice! ~Yummo~ And there was fruit and veggies and squares!!! Oh the food! (I like food! :D)

WARNING: An over abundance of photos ahead!

Rainbow Vanilla Cupcakes

Transportation Finger Food!
Hudson's Banner~I reinforced this with a cut up Quaker Oatmeal Box. Any old cardboard will do the trick!

On a mini-side note (footnote?) Today would have been my Grandma Chickie's 78th Birthday. So Happy Birthday Grandma Chickie! We will celebrate with you in Heaven one day!

Thank you everyone who made this day all come together! Thank you to all the guests who attended! And thank you to my beautiful sister and brother in-law for having such a beautiful baby boy! Love you guys!

~happy creating!~ (I like happy crafting, I've just been thinking of changing it up...:)

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  1. OMG those cupcakes are so cute!!! Thanks for the link on my fan page! Glad I was able to hop over, you have such great ideas :)
    Happy Crafting!