Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 - Day 2|My Tuesday


As I move through the week, I am finding all sorts of blogs and stories of real life. I love it! Today (Wednesday) has been a slow photo day. I am feeling off - not sick - just pondering some that will reflect tomorrow's post. Anyway...Here is my Tuesday:

My morning. Cadee Lou fast asleep on my lap. 7:38am

Breakfast. Trying to remember to feed myself in the a.m.!
Let's not forget the coffee! 
Chicken thrown in the crockpot before heading out for a
doc appt. and a trip to visit mama at the lake!

Six month check up for Wes!
A & C got their heartbeats checked too! 
AT THE LAKE!!!! Just for the day, but better than not at all!

My beautiful mama! 


Have a blessed week!
~happy crafting!~

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