Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Wreath

This morning was a frustrating one. I woke up with the best intentions of taking the kiddos to church. Chris works all weekend, so it's been a chaotic weekend. Yesterday I took them to the park for a couple hours, until, believe it or not, the big kids started whining & fighting:( Boo! 

Anyways...back to this were yelling, fighting{physically hitting each other}. I told them, "in order for us to leave this house, the living room needs a quick clean!" It took 1.5 hours to get them moving and all it got was a "tidy" before heading out the door in a huff of emotions & some tears. *sigh*

Fast forward 20 minutes into the worship service--> I am packing up the littles because they will not sit still for worship or the toddler room. I asked mom and dad if I could leave the 2 big ones there...they said yes!

Get home, have lunch, tidy some more, littles play, Miss C goes for a nap, & I create! Nice quiet time afternoon! Here is what I made...

Welcome....Come on in!

Time for Tea!

This Welcome Wreath was created using the following supplies:

Pool Noodle {Dollarama}
Odds N Ends that inspire
Glue Gun

My inspiration for this project came from Fox Hollow Cottage! Amazing work! Head on over and tell them I sent you!

Creating things makes me happy! {boy! Did that make me sound cr@zy?!?!} But seriously, making projects is my "outlet" I love it! So even though the day started out hectic, here's to another day!

~happy crafting!~

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  1. Hey! Whatever it takes to stay sane. And crafting is legal ;) So it's a win-win. Darling wreath. Glad I could inspire, I was just passing it on.