Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend of Parties!

WHEW! That was a busy weekend! I decided this year that my daughter's birthday parties would be held back to back...{previous post: They share a birthday - 8 years apart!} 


Party # 1: Saturday!

Best wrapped gift! 
Raina's bff wrapped her gift in magazine pages
 and halloween danger tape! 
Love it! OOh AND a paper magazine flower too! 

Rice Krispie Cake with edible rice paper and Candy Melts! "Happy Birthday" top bought at  Created by Us on Etsy!

The Cake did not crumble!
Wasn't as messy as I thought it was going to be!
Pre- Cake Smash!

Birthday Bumps!

Rhonda did a fabulous job on the kid's face painting! 

Showing off her new boots!
Pinata! Broke off from the tree,
so Chris ended up THROWING it in the air....

...the kids attacked it!

She had a blast! Afterwards, we went inside and turned on Dance Central {kept most of them occupied until dark, then they played cops and robbers until 8pm pick up time!}

Party #2: Sunday!

I had so much fun making this Burlap Banner! I used acrylic paint and cricut made stencils for the lettering & I added coffee filter flowers to the ends! It was so much fun to make!

She loves her baby dolls!

Cake wrappers were from Winners, Zebra "paper" was from Michaels!
 They were super yummy!

She "explored" her cake for half  an hour,
even then she just picked at it! She did not want to get her hands dirty!

She had so much fun, & loved opening gifts! What a girlie girl! So, done birthdays for another year! Next up...Scrapbook retreats, ThanksGiving, Halloween & Christmas!!!

~happy crafting!~

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