Monday, November 26, 2012

shiny red Christmas wreath

Here is a little something for the night crowd!

Christmas is around the corner! My favorite time of year! I've been hitting up Pinterest for some new and exciting craft ideas to do with {and some without} the kids!

I saw this neat-o project on there by { Eddie Ross } and decided to try one of my own!

 Of course, Pinterest is Perfect, so when I look back at how my projects turn out compared to the one I find on other's pages, ya...not so great! is what I came up with!

And as always, I "think" I know what the instructions are, so I do my own thing...then about 1 minute ago, I read the tutorial and have an AH-HA moment, and realize that tomorrow I am going to find some more round ornaments and try again! ;) 

With that, have a great Monday night all!

~happy crafting!~

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