Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!"

Ok, so not THEE most wonderful time of the year, but I have to say that as much as I love my rugrats adorable kiddos I am glad to see them back to school & routine!

Raina started grade 5 today! Khymara started grade 2! Adam has a Pre-K Interview on Thursday, to "assess" his need for school. He is a little upset that he is not going to be taking the bus with his sisters, or the fact that he doesn't get to take a lunch! The girls go to one school and he goes to another - due to there being no pre-k in the other school! (Next year my son! Don't grow up too fast!)

Khymara First Day of Grade 2
So proud!

Raina J First Day of Grade 5
Acting all cool!
 She did not want me taking her photo!

Trying out a new place to store lunch kits! Command hooks in the back porch!
Last year the girls Khymara emptied her lunch kit and tossed it in the pantry.
Raina ~lost, forgot, didn't bother~packing her lunch in her lunch bag. She was content with brown paper bags or Walmart grocery bags. If she did remember to bring it home it usually contained something mouldy. YUCK! {*Side note* 3 weeks in to summer holidays, I came across a lunch bag of hers in her room FULL of mouldy food! EWWWWW!} So we will try this out, and see how it goes!

I am quite looking forward to my "Free" mornings with my littlest one! By the beginning of October, Adam should be going 4 days a week from 9-12! Where does time go? I love my children, I hope they do their best in the year ahead. My word each morning is "FOCUS"! My girls seem to think every thing they do is a race. Needless to say, things get missed. Whether it's chores or school work, half complete jobs are usually the result.

Happy back-to-school to all the moms {& dads} out there!

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