Monday, May 27, 2013

My Hauls from the weekend!

Just stopping by quick to share a couple of my hauls from this past weekend! (Spring always seems to be a busy time! I'm not a farmer, but with weddings, grads, etc...that's just how it seems to be! )

Haul #1: WINNERS! Big Sexy Hair Conditioner, necklace holder, fancy storage box, and DCWV Quote Stacks for $40!

Haul #2: MICHAEL'S! Tim Holtz Visual Artistry Collection, Recollection Goodies (Flowers, birdcage), Industrial Chic Pink Metal Bodice, E-6000 adhesive, & peg hooks x 4 for my peg board in my craftroom!

I am really hoping to get my basement together this I am in the middle of packing and moving EVERYTHING out to my garage. {Crossing my fingers we can get to the reno's!!} Here is a pic of what my craftroom looks like at them moment...

Hoping to get it all packed away by the end of the week! Oh, I guess I should mention that I have 2 summer bdays coming up, so maybe I'll get back here to blog about them at the end of June! 

~Happy Crafting!~


  1. I am also trying to organize my crafts and finds. You're way ahead of me : )

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