Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Adventure in Painting a Kitchen...

Those who know me, know that I despise painting walls/rooms. I mean, give me a canvas and a brush and I'll make you a creation from my own mind! But, put me to work in a room, in your house...EEK! I have decided that I am partially alright with doing first and maybe second coats of primer & paint, but doing the last coat? UH-UH! 

That being said...

I agreed to help my friend Kim out a couple of weeks ago, when she tackled her entire kitchen! The color she chose is absolutely gorgeous! 

 I love this color! "Butter" by #pittsburghpaints LOVE IT!!!

Turns out, when I got home and compared my paint stained shirt,

 it matches my kitchen
cupboards to a TEE! {Possibly why I love

it so much!} 

"Before" Photo...

"During" Photos...

"After" Photo...

We had a lot of fun slapping it altogether! In between coats, 

I got to watch her baby girl finish up her last day of 

swimming lessons & then they took me out for an early 

birthday supper! Before heading back to work, we stopped 

at numerous garage sales around the town of Russell, MB! 

I picked up quite a few goodies there; some old books, a 

sweater, some frames, a mini apothecary jar, & these 

lovelies :

This beauty {$1!}will add a nice touch to the photoshoot I am hoping for in the fall! {Look for that project late September!}

"Mike Wasowski" {sp?} Costume will be for my not-so-baby girl for halloween! $2!! Woot!

Thanks Kim, for allowing me to throw my creative streak for a

 loop! {a positive one at that!} It's quite freeing to "throw" 

paint on to a wall! I have to add, that Kim did the finishing

 coats and all the clean up! So I apologize for not sticking 

around Kim!! :D

~happy crafting!~

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