Thursday, April 24, 2014

Altered CD Mini Album - First Birthday

Talk about Throw Back Thursday!

Hey Everyone! So about a month ago, I began working on my first cd mini album - Sara's First Birthday - My hubby went through all of his old computer discs and said "can you use these for something?" Hahaha, Can I? Thanks babe! :D

My album is not 100% complete, and I am ok with that. I got a lot of history on paper {so to speak!} and that makes me smile!

My first birthday was spent at my favorite place on earth....Good Spirit Lake - with tons of my family!

Memories that have escaped me can only be sought through the timeless treasures of photographs....

~happy crafting!~


  1. Sara, I love this! You are soo creative (and an adorable baby I might add!) - well, you are a beautiful person now too! :)