Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Random Rant For Today}

The Robins are singing, the wind is whispering, my tea is steeping, and the sun is attempting to make an appearance! I am sitting on the deck enjoying this beautiful (chilly) weather, watching the kids play in the sand box. *SIGH* This is the my life!

I have been running a dayhome since June 2011, with 2 clients. This past year has had its up's and down's, as years usually go! I have been contemplating whether to keep sitting in the fall or just be a mom. (I've also been tossing up the idea to return to school, again...I have 3 years to go before I obtain my Social Work Degree...)It seems for the last 9 years of my married life, I have longed to be a SAHM. I am really loving this decision. After 4 children, my desire was fulfilled. I figured if I am staying at home, why not help out another mother by watching her little one? So that's where that decision took hold.

Now as the months are flying by, I am finding myself craving more time with my own children. In the fall, my son starts did that happen? For those mornings in the fall, it will be my (then) 2 year old daughter and I at home, creating lasting memories and adventures!

I am torn. I am really looking forward to the fall, but at the same time a one income family just doesn't cut it now-a-days. I am sure my hubby would love for me to find some sort of job to help make  ends meet. And this is wear I get weepy. I want to be the mom that helps out at school functions, I want to be the mom rooting at sporting events, I want to be the wife who has supper on the table when my hubby gets home (that is if my entire life was super organized!!)

I have my Tupperware and Close to My Heart business that bring in a bit of side income. So, I will continue to pray about how things will turn out. I will continue crafting & creating. And I will continue being the best mom and care provider that I know how to be...Thanks for listening to my today *RANT*!!

~happy crafting!~


  1. Being a stay at home mom as well and with two young children at home I totally hear you!!! My girls actually attend a kindergarden preparedness daycare and it has been the best thing for them...and me! I love to be home with them but they need friends and some gentle mornings away from their mom...I'm only a few short steps away... My advice to you is to really think about taking the fall off and see if it works for you. Spending some time before your children are grown and off to school will probably be the best option for you and your children.

  2. Thanks Tasha! Every time I start thinking about the fall, I seem to go into panic mode.