Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This & That in May

Where does time fly? Okay so this month seems to have flown by, (as months usually do!) I spent pretty much the entire month prepping for a Tradeshow, planning summer birthday parties, cleaning up the cabin, and trying to find a few minutes here and there to put my feet up! 

I created a CTMH Art Philosophy Display Board for the Tradeshow. It was great to explore the ENTIRE cartridge! This cartridge is definitely the most versatile one out there! You can find it HERE

My handsome little Man!


So, the TS didn't go over too well, (sales wise), not a lot of traffic from customers, but I did sign up 3 new ladies for my card class! Wahoo! 

I have seen these lovely frames circulating Pinterest and Facebook, so I thought I would break down and create one for myself! Take a look!

Frame: Michaels~Paper:Dotty For you ~Embellishments: AP Cartridge
I got really ambitious today and made my first article of clothing! Let me just state here, that I am by no means a seamstress! I had so much fun making this little lovely! It was intended to be my sweet Cadee's summer dress; however, it ended up being WAAY too big on her. {& and apparently in the last 20 months of her life, I have not been paying attention to her choice in clothing...she hates dresses!}

There is so many sources out there to make a "Pillowcase Dress", but this is where I got my inspiration because I do not follow written instructions well...

Here is my version of the "Pillowcase Summer Dress"

This one will be for my daughter Khy. {to be worn as a shirt, with leggings} My 9 year old daughter Raina, came in the door from volleyball and immediately asked me to make her one too! I am heading to ValuVillage to hunt for some more deals on pillowcases tomorrow morning! The funkier the better! :)

So that is what has been happening this month! Here is the last thing I will leave you with...I hired a painter for my 1 Y.O room! I absolutely HATE painting! I have to give J a HUGE thank you for doing such an awesome job!

~happy crafting!~


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  2. Hi! Love your artwork and blog and wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award. You can check it out here at Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I apologize for an absent in blogging! I have been spending the summer with my family! @Robin: I am crazy about owls too! I found this little guy at! I'm heading over to your blog!! @Theresa: Thank you for nominating me! WOW! I'm heading over to your blog as well!

  4. thank you for your comment on my owls and for following me. I have a did u get that cute owl on the side of your blog????I love him!!!! I love owls!!! I need an owl!!!

    1. I found him over at, try there and search for owls. Then you follow instructions from there! For me, it was trial and error on where I put the owl on my blog:-) Let me know how it goes!