Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adam's Birthday Bash!

and another one for the day...

My son turned 4 on June 8th! We had his party on June 10th (I know...I seem to be forever behind on posts!)
Afer 2 sweet girls, a son made his debut!
 Fly ahead 4 years and this little guy is a motoring, playful, energetic not-so-little man!

So Adam's birthday was loosely based on Batman! A week before his party we were in DQ for a sweet treat, and he saw this YUMMO ice cream cake with a MONSTER TRUCK! I ended up ordering this for him for his special day!

Anything goes when it's Superhereos!

Batman Garage Birthday Party!
The garage comes in handy when hosting parties!

There goes another birthday for this EVER growing little munchkin! Love you son!

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