Thursday, August 16, 2012

Khymara's Birthday! {Better Late than Never!}

7 Years ago {on July 6th}, my sweet Khymara joined us in the world! Since she began school, we have done her birthday at the end of school, so she could still invite her classmates before summer holidays begin! For this year we rented the Gymnastics building for 2 hours! No clean up! {Yay for mom!}

 1 hour of teaching/learning
+ 1/2 hour of free play
+ 1/2 hour of cake & gifts
 A bunch of happy little gals! 
My girl is the goof ball in the middle!

This poor cake!
The heat was so awful
in my house when I baked this,
it was starting to crack! EEK!

Filled with jumbo rockets,
 candy necklace, suckers, stickers,
beads for making a necklace, etc!
Goodie Bags made with the
AP Cartridge by CTMH

Close to My Heart
"Footloose" Paper Invitations!

So, like the title says, better late than never! Love you baby girl!

~happy crafting!~

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