Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Word of the Year


Nothing like coffee & blogging on the first day of a brand new year! AH! Refreshing isn't it?

I trust everyone had a wonderful time ringing in the new year! Most of my family (2 older kiddos are away at Grandparents!) spent the evening at our church with great food, friends, and fun! Board games galore!! We were home by 1 and asleep by 1:30. 

I started doing the Word of the Year 2 years ago now.
My first word was Joy. My second word was simplify. 
This word is Grow.



I really want to grow closer to God. I want to give him everything that I am dealing with. There have been so many times where I try to do things my way and fail miserably. I am starting with letting God take control of every area in my life. Secondly, I am going to dive in to reading my bible (& begin my bible journaling!!). 

My friend added me to a Facebook Group called Journaling Bible Community a couple months back and I have been soaking it all in. What a beautiful way to worship God! I have honestly been neglecting the bible for quite some time. I asked Chris for a journaling bible for Christmas, and that is what I got! 

This is the one I have! Journaling Bible

Also, I really would like to start praying with my husband on a more regular basis. After 12 years together, I feel this is the direction God is leading us. I am really excited for this new chapter in our lives! 


I am waiting anxiously to begin growing stronger in my physical self too. I am looking forward to getting back "into" shape by going back to the gym and starting up Zumba again. I realize this will take some patience, as I will be having this baby soon and will need to heal. I will be praying for patience and peace as I know that I will not get back to where I was over night. 

From my family to yours, 
Happy New Year  & Best Wishes in 2015!

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