Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fifth Child....First Maternity Photoshoot

*WARNING* Heavy photo post ahead!

My friend Kim and I went on a mini road trip on December 20th to a small town called Russell, MB. Our goal? To capture my baby bump. This is my 5th child and ya I've snapped pics along the way during past pregnancies but never a "professional" shoot! 

It was COLD on this day! Kim was a trooper and I think these photos turned out amazing! :D

We had a wonderful day hanging out!! Did some shopping and a trip to one of my favorite coffee shops there is called Bin22!  

It was a really great day! I'd love to take a trip that way again soon (but after baby comes!!)


  1. Beautiful my friend (as you always are!). Can't wait to snuggle that baby! Great job on the pics Kim!