Saturday, March 19, 2016

Follow your Dreams...or Give them up...

My plans are not my own. I have wordly plans, dreams, hopes; but they are nothing if I don't give them up to God. 

I am in a season of craving change. This is nothing new, as I am quite often changing things up because I get bored. So. Easily. But this change I am seeking is different. It has weighed heavy on my heart for sometime now. And yet, this is the first time I have brought it to God. These stirrings have made me quite anxious. Not anxious like a kid in a candy store {although maybe if I looked at it that way as God having some incredible things in store for me} but anxious fear, heavy, overwhelming fear. Which is why I am bringing this to you Lord.
Lord, I want you to lead me. I want to seek what you have planned out for me. Lord use me & let your will be done.

My heart aches for what is happening in our world, in our country, in my province, and in my town. My soul is in pain worrying how I am going to raise my tribe to be God-fearing & God-following people.

   WHO AM I?
I want God to unlock my heart and show me who I am and what His purpose is for me. I want to be doing something to make a difference in a falling apart earth. Right now, I think that is just raising these little people. And until God tells me otherwise, that is what I will do. I will wait. I will pray. I will seek. HIM.

Thank you Lord for creating me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you God.

My plans are not my own. I give it all to You.

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