Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

HELLO 2014! 

I love fresh starts! So cheers to a new year to all of my family and friends! I love your support and encouragement all year round!

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This year the one thing that stands out for me the most, is that I am on an incredible journey learning to follow what God has in store for me. Through reading my bible more (and when I remember) & praying more, I am wanting to do what God wants me to do. And by doing that I really believe that I will be a better wife and mom. 

Another adventure that took place was that I joined a community called Trim Healthy Mama. This new lifestyle has made me feel awesome! I joined in May 2013 and have lost 40 pounds! I have another 75-100lbs to go. Thank you Serene & Pearl!

I started my 2nd year of Social Work in September and let me tell you that was not easy. The first couple weeks were so full of raw emotion over the content of lectures and workload involved, I was really not sure of how I was to continue. With the help of prayers and support from my husband, my mom, and my friends I managed to finish up this semester with a 70% average! WOOT! I'll take it! 

I am really looking forward to new ventures & a lot more crafting in the upcoming months! I am praying for health and joy in the year to come!

Sara's Word of the Year - 2014
And with that...

Take care, God Bless & 
~happy crafting!~

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