Friday, January 10, 2014

Freebie Friday - Subway Art Fun week 2!

Hey there! Do you all get excited when Friday roles around? TGIF really just puts a big ol' smile on my face! :D

I am definitely ready for the weekend! Saturdays are "me" days. I spend Monday to Friday with my kiddos but also 3 other kiddos that I babysit. Some weeks seem crazier than others, this week was one of them.

But, like I said Saturdays are "me" days, and they usually involve some sort of crafty/hobby/baking/project of some such! This really makes me happy, hence -->"Art is Joy". I get to throw my creations on paper {and/or canvas!} and it is sooo freeing! :D OK, So on to Freebie Friday! 

Here it is...

"ART IS JOY" - Right click, print & throw it in a cute frame!

Hope you have a marvelous weekend!
~happy crafting!~

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