Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What do marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate have in common?

S'MORES! I love s'mores! The word itself brings me to my favorite place on earth...the lake. Summer, camping, beach, campfire....yup....I'm dreaming of summer! 

I made these cupcakes for tonight's youth group event. They are going sledding. It's funny that they are going sledding but I am thinking of summer...hmmmm S'mores cupcakes & hot chocolate seems good to me:)

Helloo Sweetie!! Doesn't that look so yummy? Ok, so, I wanted to find an awesomely great marshmallow frosting. Not a lot out there. So I grabbed this recipe shared by Latasha M. but added the 7oz marshmallow fluff, PLUS another whole jar (198grams). There are tons of S'mores cupcakes on Pinterest, and I really like the ones that have been "roasted"....*note to self...I want a cooking blow torch!*

~happy crafting!~

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