Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Projects for this week....{and really stinkin' cold temps to boot!}

Good Morning to ya! I really do think Tuesdays should start off the week! Don't ya think? Anywho....temps have been insanely cold for awhile now; I think we have had 2 "nice" days in the last 2 months. Yesterday hit a low of -52* Celsius (with the windchill) Yikes! 
Today was back to school for my kiddos with temps at -46; surprisingly the buses still ran. (Yay for this mama! :D) 
This month I am back at paper crafting and sewing some wonderful projects. 
I have a customer order birthday banner for the end of the month and my nephew's quilt to make for his 2nd birthday! (Still hard to believe he is almost 2!)

I am always thrilled when I get to bring this gal out of storage!!
I am using Close to My Heart cartridge "Art Philosophy" for the
Birthday Banner! 

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE GLITTER?! It is so messy and shiny and I just love it so much! :D

I literally had glitter from face to feet {and ALL over my cloth chairs and floors!} Ok, enough with my glitter obsession! 

My older two girls came back from Gran's house on the weekend with all their goodies from Christmas vacation! DD 2 received a donut maker from Mr. Claus this year, so we ended up testing it out on Saturday afternoon! So much fun! 

I have tons of Do You Bake? product on hand from a party I had recently, {I'm a big fan of this company!} so I thought why not try out their Yummy Tummy Treats! Chocolate Donuts. EASY PEASY!

My Khy modeling her beautiful

DONUTS!!! My taste testers jump in for the first bites! These mini donuts were a hit with all the kiddos!

Turned out pretty good I think! Next on my list of kitchen gadgets to try is the cake pop machine! {Another Christmas gift that Khy received!}

Last photo for the day!
My sweet mom-in-law made me a box FULL of beautiful crocheted pieces, including this crochet hat with a brim. I love it! I also got boot cuffs, scarves, headbands, and some slouchie hats! I might add some of her creations in future posts! She is so talented I tell ya! {& maybe I should add 'learn to crochet' to my 30x30 list!}

~happy crafting!~


  1. Gotta love that Do You Bake? Products! Who is your consultant? ;) Wait a minute, that's me!! Hahaha. Love your creations - I too want to learn to crochet & knit - those are my "empty nest" projects!

  2. haha! You know it! :D Might have to restock my cupboards after a few more gadget testers in the kitchen!

  3. Those donuts look yummy! I really wish I looked good in hats. The one you have on looks fantastic. How did that bookmark go over?

  4. Thank you Andrea!! The bookmark was fabulous, the recipient loved it! Thank you very much! Have you tried making any of those spoons yet? ;)

  5. I have tried the spoons. I found the easiest thing to do was flatten them in a vice first, then finish the flattening with the hammer. Worked great! Super easy. I want to make a bunch of markers for my greenhouse this Spring.